O’Farrell, with her red hair and creamy skin, can break your heart with her eyes alone.” — Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“…Ms. McLeod and Ms. O’Farrell depict their characters’ complicated friendship with assurance.” — Daniel M. Gold, The New York Times

“He leaves the venerable old counselor Escalus (here played by the young, pretty, and most excellent Danielle O’Farrell).” — Jean Lowerison, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

” . . .Titania’s chief fairy, played all juicy and uproarious by the excellent Danielle O’Farrell.” — Welton Jones, San Diego Story

“The result is affecting . . . especially given Danielle O’ Farrell’ s compelling, fragile performance as Maggie. ” — Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

“Worth watching… the wench Audrey (played with exquisite vulgarity by Danielle O’Farrell). — Jean Lowerison, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

“Lovely, red-headed Danielle O’Farrell plays the romantic Maggie as a picture of pure naivete and innocence, caught up in a brutal, poverty-stricken environs that inevitably leads to her downfall. Her face is a study in contrasts: at first radiant when gazing at her lover Pete, then painfully distraught when his affection flags. ” — Beverly Friend, Lerner Newspapers

“The show also boasts piquant performances from… Danielle O’Farrell (a standout member of the Globe/USD acting ensemble).” — James Hebert, San Diego Union-Tribune

“As Philomele, Danielle O’Farrell is first the picture of vivacious, life-loving innocence, then an utterly blanched ghost.” — Brian Nemtusak, Chicago Reader

” Danielle O’Farrell navigates the initial innocence and later outrage of Philomele masterfully.” — Scott C. Morgan, Windy City Times

“Danielle O’Farrell’s radiant portrayal of the innocent Philomele is nothing short of breathtaking. Her blood-soaked visage in Act 2 will leave you stunned and heartbroken. No less impressive is her sweet and girlish expressions of longing and desire, as well as her richly acted feelings of loneliness, loss and violation at the hands of her brother-in-law Tereus.” — Joe Stead, Stead Style Chicago

“There’ s not a weak link in the bunch with remarkable standout performances by the leads, including Danielle O’ Farrell as Maggie.” — Rick Reed, Windy City Times